Seamus O'Riordan is a missing Strategic Homeland Division (SHD) agent activated as part of the first wave to take back New York.

Personal Notes Edit

  • Place of Birth: Natick, Massachusetts
  • Blood Type: AB+

Changed his own name on legal emancipation at age 15. Was not entered into school until age 9 but made up for lost time. Self-motivated autodidact who is intensely driven to succeed.

Career path was derailed by 9/11. Partner was a first responder killed when the south tower went down. Gave up on college as a result. Joined the Army and served multiple hitches. Went private as a security consultant. Has been extremely successful; operates solo.

Excellent at risk assessment. Doesn't take foolish chances, but puts himself on the line repeatedly.

Has little to no personal life. No romantic involvement and does not socialize with friends or coworkers. Absence of human interaction may pose some risk in dealing with civilians during activition-level crisis.

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