A player with all the Security Wing Upgrades unlocked.

The Security Wing is one of the three wings in the player's Base of Operations. It is unlocked after completing the mission Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint, in which you rescue Captain Roy Benitez who runs the Security Wing. As with all three wings there are 10 available upgrades available. The Security Wing gives access to the Skills Smart Cover, Mobile Cover, and Survivor Link; as well as the already available Ballistic Shield.

Wing Upgrades Edit

Situation Room Edit

Headquarters for planning military and law enforcement operations in Midtown Manhattan.

Armory Edit

Military and law enforcement equipment for the JTF and the Division.

Barracks Edit

Housing for all essential JTF personnel in the base of operations.

Dark Zone Ops Edit

Planning for all Dark Zone operations, including rescue, recon, and combat missions.

Supply Line Edit

Tracking for all supply convoys entering or moving through the city.

Gunsmith Edit

Collection of unneeded weapons to recycle and refurbish them.

Procurement Team Edit

Specialists that recover equipment and supplies from Manhattan for use in the base.

Guard Posts Edit

Guard Posts and patrols around the perimeter of the base.

Shooting Range Edit

Indoor shooting range for JTF and Division agents.

Canine Unit Edit

Canine support for finding and rescuing civilians, military stashes, and mercy drops.

Skill Rewards Edit

Ballistic Shield Edit

Equips a portable Ballistic Shield that absorbs damage. The user can only use their sidearm while the shield is active.

Smart Cover Edit

Reinforces a cover, increasing the user's damage and decreasing the incoming damage for all allies behind it.

Mobile Cover Edit

Creates a temporary cover for one person, which provides standard cover protection until destroyed.

Survivor Link Edit

Increases damage resistance and speed for the user and nearby allies.

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