The Shortbows Sports Set consists of a cap, a jacket and a weapon skin available to those who are registered on Ubisoft Club and play The Division Alpha (Xbox One Only) and the Beta (Closed or/and Open). The Shortbows Cap is unlockable if the player played the closed beta of the game, and The Shortbows Jacket is unlockable if the player played the open beta of the game. The Shortbows Weapon Skin is only available on Xbox One and is unlockable if you play the alpha version of the game.

Suit Edit

The set consists of a cyan, orange and white baseball cap with the Shortbows logo in it, and a likewise colored jacket with the same logo in the left side of the chest

Weapon Skin Edit

The weapon skin has the same colors as the cap and the jacket

Gallery Edit

  • Agent using the Shortbows Sports Set (without weapon skin)

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