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Showstopper (AA-12) aiming

An Agent aiming the Showstopper Exotic Shotgun

Shotguns are a category of weapons in Tom Clancy's The Division. They are close-range weapons, having high damage, while having a short effective range.

Overview Edit

Shotguns are best used for combating enemies at close range, where their buckshot spread can hit the target effectively. Shotguns fire a variety of shells, most common types are buckshot and slugs.

In-Game Edit

In the game, shotguns fire buckshot (The Medved uses slugs). They suffer from low range and wide pellet spread, making close range engagements ideal, but can be dangerous being close to the enemy.

Shotguns are categorized into either: Pump-action, semi-automatic, or automatic.

The M870 is the only pump-action shotgun, having high damage at a cost of a slow rate of fire and slow reload speed. The SASG-12 is a semi-automatic shotgun, having a high rate of fire, and fast reload speed, at a cost of moderate damage. The Showstopper is the only automatic shotgun, having a high rate of rate of fire at a cost of low stability and damage.

Shotguns have a bonus talent of increased stagger towards enemies. When an NPC gets hit by a shotgun, they will have an increased chance to stagger, making them unable to fire, and expose themselves for a short time. When using it in the Dark Zone against players, their aim will flinch, making their reticle sway off target.

Shotguns Edit

Exotic ShotgunsEdit

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