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Division Agent M9

A Division Agent firing an M9

Sidearms are a category of weapons in Tom Clancy's The Division. They are secondary weapons, used for either a last resort, or for utility.

In-Game Edit

Pistols are short range weapons, and have a lower damage range compared to primary weapons. The weapons differ from their rate of fire, damage, and handling traits. One of the advantages of pistols is that they have an unlimited ammo supply.

Each pistol comes with two talents, with the second talent being rolled with Expert, increasing damage towards enemies at low health.

Pistols do not carry any special class talent, with the exception of the Golden Rhino, which gains increased threat.

Sidearms Edit

Exotic Sidearms Edit


  • When using a Ballistic Shield, the player will use his equipped sidearm.
    • If using the D3-FNC gear set, the player will instead use a SMG, switching to the sidearm when it runs out of ammo.