Skins are interchangeable cosmetic overlays for all weapons in the game, providing a unique visual appearance.

Some unique weapons, including all yellow 'high end' named weapons come with a unique skin which cannot be removed, changed or applied to any other weapon.

While providing no combat bonuses whatsoever, skins allow the player to make a fashion statement with the players favorite gun in The Division. Skins range from the expected military camouflage patterns to gaudy and bold solid colors, such as Electric Green and Solid Red (see examples below).

Skins can be applied, removed and re-applied to different weapons at will, and skins can be applied to multiple weapons. The 'Skin slot' on a weapon functions the same way as any other mod slot, one item may be put in it, and that item is available to other weapons.

Skins can be obtained from most major loot sources, but have a higher chance to drop from Elites. Skins are an exceptionally rare drop from mobs and containers, many agents have reached level cap without seeing a single one drop, so most agents acquire them through the Clothes Vendor (Security Wing Upgrade Perk) at the player Base of Operations. The Clothes vendor will sell one weapon skin every 24 hours, though the skin offered is not guaranteed to be one that the player has not bought before or already owns, which is fine, given that an agent may wish to obtain more than one copy of a skin. Civilians have been known to drop weapon skins as a reward for assisting them, though again, this is extremely rare. Only one standalone weapon skin is available via UPlay for UPlay credits at the time of writing, not including the unique skinned weapons provided with paid for UPlay 'outfits', which are unique skins and not interchangeable (see Static Skins below).


A-TACS Patterns Edit

A-TACS - Green

A-TACS - Urban

A-TACS - Winter

Chocolate Chip Patterns Edit

Chocolate Chip - Forest

Chocolate Chip - Loot Crate

Digital PatternsEdit

Digital - ACU

Digital - CADPAT

Digital - NWU

Digital - Winter

Falcon Lost Incursion Patterns Edit


Flecktarn Patterns Edit

Flecktarn - Blue

Flecktarn - Danish M84

Glitch PatternsEdit

Glitch - Crimson

Available at Rewards Claim Vendor with Season Pass

Leaf Patterns Edit

Leaf - Blue

Leaf - woodland BDU

Multicam Patterns Edit

Multicam - Blue

Multicam - Urban

Multicam - Rogue

Snakeskin Patterns Edit

Snakeskin - Brown

Snakeskin - Mangrove

Solid PatternsEdit

Solid - Coyote Tan

Solid - Dark Blue

Solid - Dark Coyote

Solid - Dark Earth

Solid - Earth Tan

Solid - Electric Green

Solid - Foliage Green

Solid - Highland Green

Solid - Light Blue

Solid - Olive Drab

Solid - Orange

Solid - Pink

Solid - Plum

Solid - Red

Solid - Stealth Gray

Solid - Teal

Solid - White

Sponge Patterns Edit

Sponge - Yellow

Sponge - Blue

Spray Stripes - Urban Snow

Tigerstripe Patterns Edit

Tigerstripe - Neon

Tigerstripe - Vintage

Torn Tape Patterns Edit

Torn Tape - Red

Torn Tape - Swedish M90

Torn Tape - Green

Exclusive Skins Edit

JTF P416 - National Guard Set (Season Pass, Gold Edition and Collectors Edition)

Named Skins Edit

These skins are only available on named high end weapons and are unique to that specific weapon. These skins cannot be removed, or changed, from their weapon.

Caduceus (High End AR)

Cassidy (High End Shotgun)

Liberator (High End Assault Rifle)

Midas (High End SMG)

Pakhan (High End LMG)

Tenebrae (High End MR)

Warlord (High End AR)

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