"Fires a bomb that sticks to most surfaces and explodes when remotely detonated."
— Base skill description
Sticky Bomb

The Sticky Bomb is a Tech Tech skill that all characters start with.

All of the Skill Mods require the Tech Wing Upgrade - Generators.

Mod 1: BFB Edit

"Increases the damage and radius of the explosion and may cause targets to bleed."
— Description
  • Increased Explosion Damage
  • Increased Explosion Radius
  • Increased Cooldown time
  • Can apply Bleed status effect

Mod 2: Flashbang Edit

"The bomb explodes with a non-lethal effect that blinds and disrupts all targets in range."
— Description
  • Applies 0 damage
  • Increased Explosion Radius
  • Applies the Blind/Deaf status effect

Mod 3: Disruptor Edit

"The explosive is replaced with an EMP alternative, causing Disrupt effect to all targets in the area."
— Description
  • Applies 0 damage
  • Increased Explosion Radius
  • Applies Disrupt status effect

Master: Stealthy Bomb Edit

Master Mod
"The bomb produces less light and sound, making it harder for enemies to detect."
— Description
  • Requires all Tech Wing Upgrades.
  • Enemies are less likely to detect the explosive.

Base Values for Sticky Bomb at Level 30 Edit

Base: Sticky Bomb Mod: BFB Mod: Flashbang Mod: Disruptor
Explosion Damage 61,681 HP 82,241 HP 0 HP 0 HP
Explosion Radius 4.0 m 4.50 m 8.0 m 9.0 m
Deployment Range 50.0 m 50.0 m 50.0 m 50.0 m
Cooldown 77.20 s 94.60 s 51.40 s 51.40 s


  • Useful for softening up veterans as well as causing panic amongst the enemy, for best results try snapping the sticky bomb on the enemy as it will inflcit full damage once detonated.
  • The sticky bomb is a versatile skill. If you want to create a distraction, then equip the flashbang mod or if defense is the focus, then equip the proximity fuse to ward off pesky flank attempts by the enemy.


Sticky Bombmod

Sticky Bomb Mod - Not present in the game

  • This skill cannot do headshot damage.
  • If the Sticky Bomb is attached to an enemy, they may throw it back if not detonated.
  • This Skill uses the same launcher as the First Aid and Smart Cover skills.
  • Before Update 1.6, the Sticky Bomb detonates instantly when the key is pressed
    • In Update 1.6, that has changed to having a 1 second delay before exploding.
  • Before Update 1.6, Mod 3 was known as the Proximity Fuse, exploding when a hostile enters the explosion radius.
  • There is a skill mod that is not available in the final game

Gallery Edit

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