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"Agent, you need to protect the hostages. These are key personnel."
Roy Benitez

Stolen Signal is an Incursion added into Tom Clancy's The Division in Update 1.6: Last Stand. A local television studio and broadcasting center run by the Joint Task Force was overrun by a band of Rikers and taken over. A squad of Division agents must head inside the studios, rescue the JTF personnel held there, and crush the Rikers before any damage is done.

Prerequisites Edit

In order to play Stolen Signal, the players' character must be level 30, and the player must have completed the mission General Assembly. It is also recommended players have a gear score of over 160 (over 180 for Heroic Mode).

Players must also own DLC 3: Last Stand, or the Season Pass to have access to this Incursion.

Mission Briefing Edit

Agents we have received word that the broadcast center under the JTF is under attack by Rikers.It is vital that we take back the broadcast center in order to keep the civilians informed of the situation in Manhattan and also rescue the engineers on site to repair the damage made after the battle.


Walkthrough Edit

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  • Streets

Studio 1Edit

"Time to do some damage!"
"Leave me alone!
— Riker Runner and JTF personnel
  • Turret section
    • Carry fuse to objective
      • Ballistic Shields recommended
  • News Room
    • Checkers
      • Dazzler Blinding laser
    • Runner targets hostage

Studio 2Edit

"Gonna dislocate his arms."
— Roy Benitez
  • Dance Studio (Beast Mode - Kevin 'Clav' McPherson)
    • Electrical Current
      • Immunizer recommended
    • Slingshot
    • Guard targets hostage

Studio 3Edit

"He's arming it! Get him away from it!"
— JTF soldier
  • Sit-Com Studio
  • Bomb Protection
    • Enforcer, Guard arms bomb
    • Pigstick's final rush to bomb

Studio 4Edit

"Time to die!"
  • Stage Key required (Clear all previous Studios)
  • Western Studio
  • Final Area
  • Hostage protection
    • Ballistic Shields recommended
  • Pyrotechnics activation to flush out Named Enemy

Item Drops and Rewards Edit

  • Loot drops from all Named Enemies

Named EnemiesEdit

Studio 1Edit


Studio 2Edit


Studio 3Edit


Studio 4Edit


Trivia Edit

  • This is the first Incursion that involves protecting friendly hostages from enemies.
  • This is the second Incursion that has the Rikers as the enemy faction.
  • This is the second Incursion with multiple named enemies, the first was Dragon's Nest (due to Four Horsemen unit).