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"Extremis Malis Extrema Remedia"
— Motto; Latin. Literal translation is "Extreme Evil, Extreme Remedy." More commonly translated as the proverb, "Desperate times call for desperate measures."

The Strategic Homeland Division (SHD), referred to as "The Division", is a classified unit of highly trained, self-supported tactical agents appearing in Tom Clancy's The Division. The main objective of The Division is to ensure the continuity of government in the case of a catastrophic emergency. There is a possibility their jurisdiction is worldwide as they are brought in when society falls. Released in waves, Division agents are activated when all other forms of public protection have failed and the President signs Directive 51 in order to activate the Division.


Agents are hand-picked from various aspects of society. Commonly they have a background in military, law enforcement, intelligence community, rescue services or engineering. They are approached and recruited based on a set of criteria. Such recruitment can take a long time to make sure the candidate fits the profile and is suited for this type of job, and often, candidates are recommended by word of mouth from existing members. Once the Strategic Homeland Division has determined a candidate has adequately fulfilled requirements, candidates are offered to join.

After joining, members are trained by other top tier operatives. When candidates successfully complete their training, they return to their daily lives. A key component of the Division is that members exist in the "shadows" and function like a normal member of society. Their own families don't even know about their appointment to the agency.


  • Analytics: Handles information processing and data management from secured locations across the nation.
  • Strategic: Act as extra security and staff detail to government officials and leaders across the nation.
  • Tactical: Are the boots on the ground that handle field work.


Division agents carry advanced gear and state of the art technology. Some of their gear and weapons must also be scavenged, bartered, earned, or received in special packs and kits. Some of their gear bears their agency logo.





Advanced Technology

Division Agents

Players take the role of agents in the Strategic Homeland Division. Their main task is to save what's left of New York City. Because of the independent nature of these agents, and the Division being a self-supported tactical unit, they may attack other agents and go rogue or join up with other agents to accomplish their task.

Division Commanders

These people lead the Wave of Agents. Each commander is responsible towards their respective wave.

Agents Gear

The smart watch links the Division agent to the Net, which connects all activated agents. The watch allows agents to coordinate their efforts and create a shared network for Division agents. The Go-Bag is the Division agent's life-line. The bag contains supplies (such as Medkits), gadgets and equipment, all crucial to the success of the agent's mission. The contact lens provide the Division agent with an augmented reality HUD and the connection to the Smart Watch to display the map.

Rogue Agents

When the First Wave Division Agents were deployed in defending central Manhattan, the original release site of the virus and the first location where society started to break down (The Dark Zone), their operation failed and the JTF were forced to evacuate the area and hence left some of the Division Agents alone. Because of this only few of them were able to escape while many were killed in combat. Most of the remaining Agents went rogue and joined Aaron Keener or the Last Man Battalion, while the remaining loyal agents who refused were executed. Keener's group of Rogue agents formed an alliance with the Last Man Battalion and its leader, Charles Bliss. Keener wanted to make use of the Last Man Battalion's manpower and supplies, while Bliss wanted to use the Agent's technology to get an advantage over the other factions controlling Manhattan. However, the Second Wave (players) is more advanced than the First Wave Rogue Agents. For example, although they had access to the same Skills as Second Wave agents, the Rogue agents did not have access to Skill mods and neither had any Talents or Perks, hence giving the Second Wave agents a slight advantage.

Some agents (players) in the Second Wave can also decide to go rogue and kill other agents in the Dark Zone to get their loot and the reward of DZ Funds for surviving. It is usually best to only challenge players who are of the same or lower level than you and with an equal or higher number of group members to them.

Important People

The First Wave

For Rogue First Wave Agents faced in-game, see Rogue First Wave Division Agent.

Article: Missing Agents

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