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Overview Edit

The Super 90 is a Shotgun in Tom Clancy's The Division.

In game, it reloads one shell at a time (recommend using security talent "one is none" with this), and it shoots around 8 pellets.

Variants Edit

  • Marine Super 90
  • Firemans Super 90
  • Tactical Super 90 SBS

Gallery Edit

Real World Version Edit

The Benelli M Series Super 90 Shotguns are a series of 12 gauge Tactical shotguns based on the Benelli Armi recoil system, first Imported to the United States under H&K, a German arms manufacturer as the Model 512 Auto Shotgun. The Super 90 refers to only the defense / tactical models, since Benelli does offer hunting, trap & field versions of some of the same shotguns. The only departure is the M4 which keeps the same exterior design but introduced a new proprietary gas operated system, the "Auto-regulating gas-operated (ARGO)" system.

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