Supply Acquisition involves the player retrieving containers of supplies that are scattered around the nearby area and the player must carry them back safely to the drop off point. Depending on the location of the encounter, there are 2-3 cases that the player needs to retrieve.

While carrying the packages the player is restricted to using his/her sidearm weapon. Waves of enemies will swarm in to intercept the Agent(s) upon retrieving the first container. If the player ducks behind a wall, switches weapons, or attempt to throw a grenade the player will drop the package. Which the player can then immediately pick up. Bring the 2 or 3 cases to the drop off point and secure the area from the remaining hostiles to finish the mission.


Tech 60 Tech Wing Supplies


  • The player should kill off the enemies before beginning to carry the supplies.
  • Instead of taking the containers to the bin straight away, the player should pick one up and wait for the enemies to attack. Carry the container towards the bin until the hostiles start to fire at the player, then immediately drop the supplies and fight back. Once clear, continue taking the supplies to the bin.
  • Instead of placing the supplies in the bin, set them down next to it and go grab the rest. This will make it easier for the player because the next wave of enemies usually don't spawn until after the player places a container in the bin. On some occasions, however, more will automatically spawn. Continue until all containers are next to the bin and simply place all of the supplies in and clear whatever hostiles that try to attack after.

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