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Overview Edit

The T821 is a submachine gun, based on the real world Socimi Type 821.

Real World Version Edit

At a first glance the Socimi Type 821-SMG appears to be an outright Italian copy of the Israeli Uzi, although the design sports many differences and improvements over the original project.

The firm of SOCIMI had been active in the railway building sector since the early 1970s; in 1983, it entered in a Joint-Venture with the historic firearms manufacturer Luigi Franchi S.p.A.(which later, specifically in 1987, would have outright taken over) to concentrate on the military weapons business.

The results of this collaboration were a series of assault rifles, and the Type 821-SMG. The early prototypes and evaluation samples of this sub-machinegun were shortly manufactured directly by Franchi, until SOCIMI had completed tooling-up to start in-house production.

Variants Edit

  • Police T821
  • Black Market T821
  • Midas

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