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Tom Clancy's The Division 2 is an upcoming tactical shooter action role-playing video game developed by Massive Entertainment as a sequel to Tom Clancy's The Division. An eight-player raid and three free story-driven upcoming DLC's were announced during the E3 2018 reveal.


The events of The Division 2 take place in the summer of Washington D.C., 7 months after the events of the Dollar Flu, which took place in the winter in New York City. The virus has now spread to Washington D.C. During the initial phase of the crisis, important personnel such as POTUS, Secretary of Defense, Joint Chiefs of Staff and other important politicians were being evacuated. The chaos of the virus began with attacks on the Pentagon, The National Mall and other landmarks. Riots followed the day after and the security forces were hit, forcing them to evacuate the capital. The immense heatwave added to more problems.The supply lines were cutoff; after a few days survivors developed communities and many of them were armed, while the criminals have developed their own factions and raid these communities for supply and control. Factions like the True Sons, a group of paramilitary warlords bent on dominating their enemies and expanding their territory around Washington D.C. These militants are led by a former JTF officer who, along with those that follow him, are a force to be reckoned with. Because of this, Directive 51 has been activated in Washington D.C. and thus activates a squad of Division agents who launch a joint operation with the Civilian Militia in Washington D.C. in order to retake the capital back.

Washington D.C. has been recreated to be as authentic as possible complete with well known landmarks and buildings. Despite possible controversy, Ubisoft has stated that the choice of location was not one of politics despite the fact the chosen location is the nation's capital. [1]  Combat will be similar to the original game, with a few new features which includes new skills and new weapons. Players who help the citizens in D.C. may find some willing to take up arms and join the battle (possibly part of the Settlements feature).


  • Specializations - End game content that allows players to continue character and weapon progression with elite weapons and skill trees. At level 30, players will be able to unlock Survivalist, Demolitionist, or Sharpshooter. 
  • Free content updates for the first year (every three months after launch) including new modes, new story missions and new areas to explore.
  • Settlements - (details coming soon)
  • New gear that will include collectible aesthetic sets to help create unique looks for the player's character.
  • Clans
  • PVP
  • New Co-op Activities
  • Armor - Agents now have armor that will have to be depleted before they are able to take damage to their health.

New Progression Classes

  • Survivalist - Control surroundings by using traps and status effects. Their signature weapon is a precision crossbow. 
  • Demolitionist - Agent of chaos, focusing on distrupting enemy plans and entrenched position. Their signature weapon is the grenade launcher.
  • Sharpshooter - Long-range tactical enemy eliminator. Signiture weapons is the sniper rifle. 

New Skills

  • Assault Drone - An unmanned device that can be controlled remotely and sent to unleash a special brand of hell on unwitting enemies.
  • Chem Launcher - Shoots various chemicals that disperse upon impact. Its effects vary, from explosive vapors and corrosive acids to repairing nano bots. 
  • Hive - While primarily a defensive tool, the offensive version is called the "Wasp Hive," where small drones are launched to cause devastating effects to targets within an area.

Original Skills Edit

  • Seeker Mine - Once activated, this mine locks onto the closest enemy target in range and rolls along the ground in their direction, detonating when it gets close enough.

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