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Turret 1
is a Tech skill appearing in Tom Clancy's The Division.

Requirement: Tech Wing Upgrade - Control Room

All mods require Tech Wing Upgrade - Water Purification

Description: Deploys a stationary turret that attacks nearby hostiles until it is destroyed or its battery runs out.

Mod 1: Active SensorEdit

Increases the turret's damage and pulses attacked targets, making them visible to all allies.

Mod 2: Dragonbreath:Edit

The turret has reduced range but shoots a column of fire.

Mod 3: Zapper:Edit

The turret shoots electrical darts that damage and shock multiple targets.

Master: Scorched Earth:Edit

The turret explodes when manually disabled, damaging all nearby targets.

Max Cap for all TurretsEdit

Damage: 2,600 dps

Life Points: 150,000 HP

Cooldown: 20 seconds


  • The turret can be used as an distraction, allowing the owner to flee or open up a flank for their squad.
  • Initially it starts off weak but with a few mods and a heavy investment in skill power the turret can become a serious nuisance.
  • Due to the turret's tiny hitbox it will be easy for an enemy player to miss as they try to shoot at it, for best results placing the turret at high elevation or with friendly turrets will reduce the likelihood of it being destroyed.
  • Tanks will always try to disable the turret if they can reach it. Sacrificing the turret can be a good move if your group needs to take a breather. If player has Scorched Earth unlocked, it can be exploded before being destroyed for extra damage.
  • Zapper mod is a great way to hinder even toughest enemies. Howerever, due to its fragility, it might be a good idea to increase your Threat, so that it won't get targeted by enemy fire.
  • Active Sensor is irreplaceable tool for controlling the battlefield. Even without the pulse effect, its great range allows it to detect, track and shoot enemies over a wide area.
  • Dragonbreath is extremely powerful mod, since it has greatly increased damage and can slow down groups of enemies by setting them on fire. However, it has the shortest range of any Turret mod, limiting its safe use.


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