Underground Title
"New Underground Missions. Endless Replayability. Randomly generated Urban Dungeons."
— Underground trailer

The Underground is an expansion added into The Division as of patch 1.3. Underground is an expansion, and requires purchase of the Underground Expansion or the Season Pass. Players can access this area by going into the Tactical Operations Center in the Terminal.

Setting up an OperationEdit

Ops Panel

The Underground Operation can be set at the Operations Panel. Here the player can configure the Operation for them to take. First, the player can select the difficulty level the Operation will be from either Normal, Hard, Challenging, or Heroic. 

Next the player will select how many Phases of the Underground Operations will have. The Phases are basically a mission put together into one Operation. Having more than one phase will increase the player rewards. Normal difficulty can not have multi-phase operations, while Heroic Operations can not have single-phase operations.

Finally, the player will select the Directives to apply in the Operation. The Directives affect the gameplay aspects, but will increase the player rewards. Up to 5 directives can be applied in an Operation. Directives require Directive Intel, which can be obtained from Underground Daily Missions and Named Enemy drops.


Fog Of WarEdit

The mini-map is disabled. Directional threat indicators do not show targets unless pulsed or marked. Target indicators are only visible while the target is under the reticle.

Waste Not Want NotEdit

Rounds left in a magazine while reloading are lost. Enemies do not drop ammo. Starting ammo count is reduced.

Mad SkillsEdit

Using a skill resets the cooldown on the other equipped skill. Using a signature skill resets the cooldown on signature skills for other group members.

Special ForcesEdit

Enemy rounds may be of special ammo types. The type of ammo depends on the enemy faction.


Health drains at a constant rate while above 1 segment. Lost health may be healed as normal. Health in the last segment regenerates as normal.



Each time an Operation is selected, the layout and objective of the Underground changes, resulting in a new mission each time. In each mission the final wave of enemies will feature a Named Enemy Boss.

Surgical StrikeEdit

Locate and eliminate a High-Value Target and 2 of it's lieutenants.

Critical InfrastructureEdit

Clear and protect 3 power generators from hostile forces. With each generator, enemy waves will increase. At the final generator, players must hold the area until JTF forces arrive and clear the area.

Missing PatrolEdit

Locate and assist JTF patrols from hostiles. The third patrol the player finds requires the player to protect the officer in charge.

Recovering the ReportEdit

Find and Recover a JTF officer carrying an Intel Report. Players must eliminate 2 groups of hostiles and locate GPS Data to find the Officer. Upon entering the third area and clearing it, a key will drop and the player can free the JTF officer. Afterwards, a final 3 waves of enemies will assault the player's position. The JTF officer can be killed in this section without Operation Failure, and the report can be picked up from his body after the fight. 

Supply DepotEdit

Find and destroy 3 supply crates control by hostiles. Upon reaching the room with the supply crate, players will have 4 minutes, 3 minutes, and 2 minutes to destroy the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd crates, respectively. 

Target of Opportunity Edit

Find and eliminate a High-Value Target. Players will have 20 minutes to reach the final area and engage the boss. The operation will fail if the player ran out of time.

Intel Edit

During the players mission, the player may encounter one of two kinds of intel; Audio Journals or Urbex photos. The Urbex (Urban Explorer) pictures display areas a urban explorer visited in his adventure in the Underground. The Audio Journals feature a civilian, a Riker, a Rioter, a Cleaner, a LMB soldier, and the Rogue First Wave Agent responsible for the events prior to discovering the happenings of the underground.


Upon completing a phase of the Underground, players will receive a loot crate. Loot crates can also be found throughout the mission, and also guaranteed to be dropped from Named Enemies.

Activities in the Underground will gain Underground XP, which will level up the players Underground Rank. Ranking up will gain access to Muli-Phase Operations and Directives. Each Rank up will reward a Underground Cache, containing 2 High-end or Gear Set items.

Reaching Rank 40 will reward you with the Banshee's Shadow Vanity Set, and unlock Underground Proficiency.


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