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    Wikia - Admins

    February 9, 2017 by Sk3284

    All right, this is going to be a major topic for this community, and some responses are welcome.

    This Wikia has currently over 300 users who has contributed to the site since it was created. 5 of those were Admins who maintained the site with new information.

    However, as of now, our Admins are currently inactive for more than 4 months, and it doesn't seems like this is going to change. 

    What we can do is send a request to adopt the wikia as a new Admin. I can submit the request, and with that, can help improve the wikia more than what a standard contributor can do.

    The requirements to adopt the wikia is to:

    1. Have inactive Admins for more than 60 days 
    2. Be an active editor
    3. Not have any blocks on other wikias or haven't request an adoption on another…

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  • Sk3284


    December 13, 2016 by Sk3284

    Attention Wikia users.

    As you might tell from the title, I am discussing about the uses of Navboxes.

    Currently, we have 2 navboxes: Weapons and Gearsets. Both of these can link to other pages on the wikia in the same category. However, we would need to input the code to insert it.

    To insert a specific code, you can use Source editing to check if it works. If it's highlighted in yellow, it is view as a source of code. 

    To insert a Navbox code, you would type out the code to insert the Navbox.

    (Remember to remove the spaces)

    { { Nav/Weapons }} would bring out the Weapons navbox


    { { Nav/Gearsets }} would bring Gearsets Gearsets:

    ​{ { Nav/Exotic Items }} would bring the items

    So, when you see a weapon/gearset page without a Navbox, go ahead and…

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  • Sk3284

    The Division wikia is expanding quite a bit. Quite as much since the updates coming out. However, there are still things that could see improvement. I would like to address this out in this blog post. If people are willing to assist, then it would help making this Wikia a better site.

    Right now, I'm currently busy with school work. I might have time on weekends to be in game and obtain more information, but this is a little optimistic. 

    Recently on Reddit , a user has extracted spritesheets of various icons that are used in the game. These include Gearsets, Enemy archtypes, and weapon icons. I will be attempt to use these items for the wikia, but that would take time to create templates.

    Currently we have almost 70 pages on the weapons catego…

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  • Sk3284

    Tom Clancy's The Division will be receiving Update 1.4 soon. The exact date has not been set as Massive is still undergoing testing to make sure the update will run smooth. This update will bring changes to many things. To help finalize changes, Massive has released a Public Test Server to gain feeback.  The 1.4 Update is scheduled for a October release. The Survival DLC Expansion is still slated for a 2016 Release.

    In 1.3, the time to kill enemies at Level 30 is scaled exponentially, compared to level 12, which is additively. In Update 1.4, the time to kill will be addressed. This means that Level 31+ enemies will take less damage to kill, and will also deal less damage to the player. 

    In 1.4, the enemy level will now be capped at level 33,…

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