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Weapons in Tom Clancy's The Division are separated into 6 unique classes.


Weapon Archetypes:

Players are able to customize their weapons to make them unique and personal to their agent. Guns can be customized with a variety of attachments which are referred to as modifications, such as scopes, grips, sights, magazines, muzzle attachments and weapon skins. Weapons also have a different rarity.

  • Worn
  • Standard
  • Specialized
  • Superior
  • High-End
  • Exotic

High-end weapons are endgame guns and are very difficult to acquire. They also have superior stats and perks.


These rare high-end weapons can be found in various ways. From vendors to killing named enemies. Usually not found until the player has reached rank 30.

Assault Rifles Edit





Urban MDR

Light Machine Guns Edit


Hungry Hog

Marksman Rifles Edit



Shotguns Edit




Submachine Gun Edit



Thompson M1928

Tommy Gun

Sidearms Edit




Golden Rhino


Main article: Modifications

Mods are attachments that can be applied to weapons to boost various traits such as effective range, magazine capacity, stability and accuracy. In addition, certain scopes grant the ability to aim down sights in first-person when equipped. The number of modifications that can be attached is based on the number of mod slots the weapon has, which in turn depends on the weapon’s archetype, item level and rarity level.

Mods also extend to weapon skins, which can be used to further personalize a weapon but do not grant bonuses.

Mods ListEdit

Main article: Mods List

Here is a list of Mods that have been recorded so far.

Weapon TalentsEdit

Weapon talents are bonuses that are available on Specialized, Superior and High-End weapons. For most weapons these talents are randomly rolled, the only exception being named gear. Talents have the ability to change the way a weapon performs. Specialized weapons have one talent, Superiors have two talents and High-Ends have three talents. For weapons, the following talents are available:

  • Accurate: Accuracy is increased by X%
  • Adept: Skill increases your critical hit chance by X% for Y seconds.
  • Balanced: Weapon acquires maximum accuracy faster when shouldered.
  • Brutal: Headshot damage is increased by X% when using this weapon.
  • Capable: Using a skill improves the handling of your weapon for X seconds.
  • Commanding: Every kill performed while the signature skill is active extends its duration by X%.
  • Competent: Weapon damage is increased by X% for Y seconds after using a skill.
  • Coolheaded: Performing a headshot reduces all skill cooldowns by X%.
  • Deadly: Critical hit damage is increased by X%.
  • Destructive: Armor destruction value is increased by X% when using this weapon.
  • Determined: Killing a target reduces skill cooldowns by X%.
  • Dominant: Every kill while your signature skill is active reduces the cooldown of your other skills by X%.
  • Expert: This weapon deals X% more damage when the target is below Y% health.
  • Ferocious: Damage against elite and named enemies is increased X%.
  • Fierce: Critical hit chance is increased by X% when using this weapon.
  • *Focused: Damage is increased by X% when no skills are on cooldown.
  • Fordern: Kills by active skills prolong their duration by X%.
  • Harmful: Each hit has a X% chance to apply the ‘bleed’ status effect.
  • Intense: The first bullet of a magazine has a X% chance to apply the ‘on fire’ status effect.
  • Meticulous: Killing a target has a X% chance to instantly refill the magazine.
  • Prepared: Damage is increased by X% when more than 40 meters from the target.
  • Proficient: The first bullet shot when out of combat has a X% chance to result in a critical hit.
  • Predatory: Killing a target regenerates X% health over Y seconds.
  • Responsive: Damage is increased by X% when closer than 10 meters to the target.
  • Sustained: Killing a target increases your health by X%.
  • Skilled: Headshot kills with this weapon increase signature skill resources by X%.
  • Swift: Reloading is X% faster.
  • Self-Preserved: Critical hits with this weapon heal the user for X% of damage death.
  • Talented: Killing a target with this weapon increases skill power by X% for Y seconds.
  • Toxic: Headshots with this weapon have a X% chance to apply the ‘blind’ status effect.
  • Trained: Critical hits increase signature skill resources by X%.
  • Vicious: Critical hit chance is increased by X% while at full health.

*Focused will always roll on the third slot for G36 assault rifle.

Firing ModesEdit

The Division handles weapon firing modes in a more uncommon way, meaning that you are not able to switch between firing modes like automatic, burst, and single shot on the fly.

However, each weapon item drop defines or preselects its firing mode, e.g. you can find a normal MP5 that is fully automatic, while MP5s with burst firing mode can also be found.


Different guns require different ammunition types. In addition to the guns’s default ammunition you can use special ammo consumables that can temporarily buff your weapon’s efficiency. The number of bullets you have left can always be looked up in your inventory. Weapons of the same type will share the same ammunition pool, e.g. having two SMGs equipped will not change your maximum amount of SMG ammo.

Ammo Types:

  • Assault Rifle ammo
  • Light Machine Gun ammo
  • Marksman Rifle ammo
  • Shotgun ammo
  • Submachine Gun ammo

Special Ammo Types:

Grenades Edit

Six types of hand-tossed grenades exist in the game for usage. Some can only stop an enemy in their tracks while others can inflict more lethal damage. With the exception of Frag Grenades, all grenades can only be obtained from scavenging. Most enemies tend to flee from the explosive radius of an armed grenade. Shooting an enemy can stagger them and prevent them from fleeing until the grenade explodes, and enemies like the Cleaner Incinerator and Riker Guard are slow and do not flee from the explosive radius.

Types of Grenades Edit

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